February’s Sweet Savings

Reap sweet savings when you purchase these 3 items during the month of February


With the Super Bowl at the beginning of the month, savvy shoppers can save some serious money on a new television. The beginning of the year is usually a good time to get a new entertainment system, especially big screen smart TVs.

Valentine’s Day – clearance

The golden rule of saving money on any holiday is to purchase those items the when they are marked down the most – immediately following the holiday. That means you save serious money on this year’s Valentine’s if you save them for next year. Or stock up on Valentine’s candy and eat all yourself! We won’t tell.

Seasonal Winter Products

While this may sound redundant, we’re covering a wide rage of bases here. February is the best month to purchase anything from winter clothing to sporting equipment to seasonal decor. With winter on its way out, retailers want to make room on their store shelves for spring merchandise.

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BONUS: National Frozen Yogurt Day is February 6th! Be on the lookout for some sweet deals on your favorite frozen treats.

With so much happening this month, know where to find those sweet savings your bank account needs so that you can spend serious money on your sweetheart!

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BONUS: Presidents Day Sales

If you’re looking for even sweeter savings this month, keep an eye out for President’s Day sales. They should hit around February 18th and will likely focus on home products like bedding, mattresses, and small kitchen gadgets.

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Stay away from these 2 purchases this month


When you think about Valentine’s Day, one of the first things that comes to mind is flowers. Florists rack up this time of the year so it goes without saying that you’ll also pay more for flowers this month. If you’re looking for a more affordable gift alternative, look for a stuffed animal, candle or plant instead.

Most Electronics

The best deals on electronics are always offered on Black Friday. So if you’re not purchasing a big screen TV before Super Bowl Sunday, then don’t even both shopping for deals on electronics this month.

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