December’s Best Buys

Have you been a good little elf this year?

If you’re looking for deals, December is your month! With the end of the year, retailers are looking to finish the year strong with full registers and empty shelves. Unfortunately, not all deals are created equally. Check out our list of items to purchase BEFORE Christmas as well as those items you should hold off until AFTER the holiday.

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Expect more jewelry sales in December than in January or February. That means you can save some serious money if you shop early for Valentine's.

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#1     Christmas Decorations

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you find the largest discounts on Christmas decorations on December 26th through the rest of the year. Expect strands of lights to go for as little as $3 or less after the holidays. And if you’re looking to add to your yard inflatable collection, you can grab them for as little as $20 from big box stores like Walmart. And the deals don’t stop there! Clean up with savings on anything from ornaments, stockings, lights and even artificial trees.

#2     TVs

Black Friday and the 2 weeks following Christmas sales are the absolute best time of the year to purchase a TV. And while discounts were steep on the biggest shopping day of the year, stores will even undercut those discounts during these first 2 weeks of December.

#3     Gift Cards

Despite the lack of wow factor, gift cards are actually well received by shoppers of all ages. Luckily, you’ll find more deals on gift cards than any other time of the year. Watch for

#4     Jewelry

Historically, you’ll find more deals on new and used jewelry in December than you will after the New Year. So if you’re smart and plan ahead, you can save loads on Valentine’s Day jewelry. The hardest part will be trying to remember where you hid it.

#5     Video Games

Gamers Watch for discounts on video games on the year’s biggest games all through the month of December.

#6     Golf Clubs

As the leaves fall from the trees, so does the action on the greens. That makes December a great time to grab a new set of clubs. Retailers want to clear their shelves to make room for the new lines debuting in the spring.

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Shop wisely during the month of December

#7     Wedding Dresses

Whether you’re planning your big day or shopping for cotillion, you’ll find the best deals on wedding dresses during the month of December. Bridal salons are looking to reduce last year’s stock ahead of the release of the spring bridal collection. Be on the lookout for end-of-the-year sales at your local salons like Bella Bridesmaid and Happily Ever After Bridal Boutique.

#8     Champagne

Thanks to the holidays and up-coming New Year’s celebrations, the price of champagne drops to an all-year low. Grab that bottle of bubbly for around 1/2 off during the month of December.

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Don't let the winter blues hit your bank account. Stay away from these purchases this month.

#1     High-End Electronics

If you didn’t score an incredible deal on electronics on Black Friday then you’ll have to wait your turn. The biggest football game of the year ushers in steep discounts on big screen TVs in January and the beginning of February.

#2     Gym Membership

With the onslaught of food around the holidays and the approaching new year, it’s no wonder that fitness resolutions are dancing in your head. Because it’s in such high demand, you’re less likely to score a deal on a gym membership during the month of December.

#3     Winter Clothing

Unless you catch a holiday sale that’s too good to pass up, you’ll find bigger discounts on winter clothing in January. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to sport that winter fashion since it stays cold until April.

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