Christmas Without the Tree

10 Tips To Celebrate Christmas Without The Iconic Tree

Not everyone gets to enjoy erecting and decorating that old yule time Christmas tree each year. Whether you suffer from allergies, own a cat or small mischievous toddler, you can still surround yourself with the magic of the holidays without dragging a tree through your house. Use these 10 tips to make your home cozy and snug in holiday cheer.

snow on porch with Christmas decorations

With so many creative ways to decorate for the holidays, you're only limited by your imagination and your budget

#1     Garland

Not only is it a cheap alterantive to a Christmas tree, it is both flexible and versatile. You can even up your game and purchase garland that is prelit. Or personalize store-bought garland with artificial holly branches, pine cones and ribbons. Need it to pull double-duty? Use clothespins to attach Christmas cards for a fun and festive display.

#2     Adorn the Doorways

Nothing says cozy and warm like greenery and the smell of old memories. With so many doorways in a house, they offer prime real estate to add some Christmas glam. Attach a garland above the doorways and tuck a vanilla bean or cinnamon stick into the branches to make your home smell just like the holidays.

#3     Decorate that Mantle

Despite the lack of wow factor, gift cards are actually well received by shoppers of all ages. Luckily, you’ll find more deals on gift cards than any other time of the year. Watch for

#4     Glam Up the Windows

Whether you’re looking from the inside or outside, decorate those windowsills with festive seasonal attire. String garland, Christmas garland or lights over greenery on kitchen windows. Swap out those everyday curtains for something holiday themed or vintage style.

#5     Wine Glass Dioramas

Like snow globes, these are fun ways to create iconic seasonal scenes enclosed in glass. Using some fake snow and holiday figurines, you can create perfect little Christmas scenes by placing an upside down wine glass with stems to encase each one. For some extra pizzazz, add a real or battery-operated candle on top of the stem.

#6     Colorful Centerpiece

Glam up the dining room table with a festive and holiday-themed centerpiece. Use small wreaths, holiday figurines, lights, garland and battery-operated candles to add a festive touch to any tabletop.

Adorn a chalkboard wall with a hand-drawn Christmas tree and string garland across it for extra wow factor

#7     Wreath Wall

Turn up the holiday spirit by adorning a wall with a series of festive holiday wreaths in varying sizes. This works best on a wall with plenty of blank space. Add pops of color with ornaments, ribbons, figurines and greenery.

#8     Snowfall Chandelier

Do you have a stately entrance way with a chandelier? Kids the kids involved and make a bunch of varying sizes of paper snowflakes. Then hang those from the chandelier to bring the feel of winter inside.

Paper snowflake Christmas decorations in a shop in California.

Add rustic charm to your holiday decor by utilizing natural materials like greenery, wood & twine

Traditional dining room table set for Christmas dinner.

#9     Use Festive Tableware

If you’ve ever inherited a set of festive dishes from relatives, the holidays are the best time to use them. Feel free to mix and match dishes, napkins and place mats to create an interesting tablescape. Finish it off with flexible greenery like holly branches and jingle bells or ornaments tied around the napkins.

#10     Decorate Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs are often overlooked. Attach ribbon to the top of the chair and hang a small wreath, ornaments, figures or pine cones from it. If you don’t have ribbon, try using garland.

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